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Who is ready to play football in 93 degree weather!!!!

Today was another hot one on the field where everyone was warming up and throwing the ball around and we had to put on our belts and drink plenty of water.

So everyone was in the middle of the field stretching and we were getting our pink wrist bands to know who is on defense and offense because there were a lot of kids that showed up today for this practice on this hot day.

On the sideline we all lined up to get ready for practice Coach Guy took the kids who had the wrist band on field first to play defense against the panthers because they were on offense.

The offense was on the sideline and we had to pay attention because we were going to switch with the defense because they were only 7 kids on offense so we had to put on the wrist bands because the 7 kids had to play defense as well.

Now the pirates were on offense now the first play of the game was Donald run left and we had a lineup on the line so we can start the play and David said hike and the play was successful.

The next play was Beth up the middle and the offense had to block the panthers for Beth to go up the middle and she went up the middle and got some yards.

Since it was out we had to end practice early so the last play was thrown left to Andrew and it was incomplete so everyone gathered in the middle and we had to take off our belts and put our hands in the middle and say family on three.

I want to say welcome to the family all the new players can't wait to play with u throughout the season also I want to say thank you to everyone who came out to help.

Looking forward to our first scrimmage with everyone.

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