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Pirates vs Mustangs

On Halloween day the pirates played a very interesting game against the wrestling team of Brick Memorial.

We had a lot of kids showed up from the wrestling even some of the boys were dressed up in costume to celebrate the holiday we had a lot of fun with them and we even had a little dance-off during halftime.

So when it was game time the fun had to end the pirates had to put their game faces on and so did the wrestling team the Pirates had the ball to start the game and the wrestling team kicked off and sure enough, the pirates are on the run.

So the pirates have the ball and we score the first touchdown of the game and the next play of the game we go for the 2 point conversion and we give the ball to Beth and she goes up the middle for the score.

The pirates haven taken the lead and now Brick has the ball and they have to find a way to get past the pirates defense and it was a lot of fun being on defense because if even the officials were having fun.

On the final play the wrestling team had the ball and the pass was incomplete and the Pirates won the game and we shook the wrestling team hands and we had a lot of fun and we took a group picture and we put our hands in the middle and we said family because that is what are a FAMILY.

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