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Pirate Challenger Kickoff

So the season kicked off in a big way because it was the pirates vs Lester Glenn Subaru rematch with a lot of food, rides and games for all the family to enjoy while watching all the players having fun.

So we had a lot of kids show up so we all stretched in the middle and we had to put on wrist bands for some of the kids and the rest of them no wrist bands. So the pirates were all lined up and got ready for their introductions and Lester Glenn got their introductions and everybody was ready to go.

The wrist bands were on the field first and Lester Glenn kicked off to the pirates. So the first play of the game was a running to the right and with a lot of blocking from the pirates got a first down.

The next play was a running play to the left where the pirates got a touchdown and it was the first score of the game and of course the pirates go for 2 and it was successful.

Now the non wrist bands were on the field next and they were on defense and Lester Glenn was on offense and the pirates stopped them from scoring a touchdown.

So it was halftime and everyone went to the sideline to take a water break and to get ready for the second half of the game the pirates stretched on the sidelines.

The non wristbands were on offense and the wristbands were on defense.

The offense scored another touchdown and went for 2 points and it was a success then the defense came on the field and stopped Lester Glenn for a while but Lester Glenn scored.

So the final play was a touchdown and the defense of the pirates stopped Lester Glenn and the game was over so we all gathered and took a group picture and it was a fun day.

I want to thank the Toms river warriors and the panthers for coming out and playing a game for the second part of the event I want to thank Ron for coming out to say a few words the pirates and for an amazing national anthem. I can't wait to play Lester Glenn again.

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