Hot Sunday

Today was a hot one on the football field everyone started with throwing the football around and getting ready for another practice.

We gathered in the middle of the field and everyone including the panthers stretched out on the hot field and after we stretched coach Guy and coach Ken gathered everyone together to talk about what we are going to do at practice.

We went into a group of eight and one group was with the coach guy and coach ken had the other group of eight.

Coach Ken's group did the cones and ladder where we had to do different ladder movements like for example we had to bunny hop on the ladder, high stepping on the ladder and we had to figure skate over the ladder. The cones we had to run in and out of the cones while holding the football.

Coach Guy's group was with the panthers and they were running plays on offense and they had to go into a huddle every time when the play was over.

Then we had to rotate and the coach guy's group was on the ladders and cones and coach ken's group was running offense with the panthers.

Then the pirates and panthers took a water break because it was hot.

The 2 groups were done with the water break and then they split up again but this time the 2 groups were doing plays with the panthers.

The last part of practice was the running where everyone lined up on the 50 yard line and we had to run to the end zone and back and we gathered by the sideline and everyone said FAMILY.

I want to thank all of the panthers who showed up today to help us with practice but I want to thank the OG Hayden FRY for being there and having fun with us.

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